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J. Koch Associates has been serving the process industry since 1972.  Products include Safety Relief Valves, Rupture Disks, Control Valves, Pressure Regulators, Pressure and Temperature Switches, and Process Analyzers. 

Since the beginning, quality has been our first priority. All J. Koch Associates employees maintain the same vision that the customer is Number One.  Our focus is on customer satisfaction and continuous performance improvement. We believe nothing is impossible. 


Local safety valve inventory in Carbon Steel, Brass, and 316SS configurations are maintained at our 20,000 ft2 facility in Paulsboro, New Jersey.  Threaded inlet sizes include ˝” thru 1˝”.  Conventional, Bellows, and Pilot Operated Valves conforming to API 526 Standards are in stock in sizes from ˝” thru 8”. 


J. Koch Associates, Inc. is UV and NB certified to assemble, test, and stamp safety relief valves in accordance with ASME Section VIII Standards. We also maintain a VR certification for repairing any manufacturers’ safety relief valve to the original factory specifications.  All valves are repaired using exact OEM replacement parts.   


Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help with any technical question.  If sizing is required, we offer a computer generated calculation sheet.       



Training is another service offered by J. Koch Associates. Maintenance Seminars are important to help identify potential problems before they become safety issues.  Engineering Seminars are also a great tool.  Seminars ensure the correct valve is specified for each application. J. Koch’s training services offer the flexibility of either onsite or hands-on training in our new  1000 ft^2, State of the Art Training Facility. 

Emergency Service: 

J. Koch offers a 24/7 Emergency Service.  Our voicemail explains the procedure for emergency service, no special phone numbers are required.

Safety Relief Valve Manufacturers Represented:


q       Atwood & Morrill

q       Leser

q       Spence Engineering

q       Tornado Technologies, Inc


Credit Cards Accepted:




q       Atwood & Morrill

q       Controle Analytique

q       ITT Conoflow

q       ITT Neo Dyn

q       Hammel Dahl

q       Leser

q       Remote Control

q     Spence Engineering

q       Thermo MeasureTech/Sensall 

q     Teledyne Analytical Instruments

q      Tornado Technologies, Inc

q       Tricentric Valves

q    J. Koch Associates, Inc. Services



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